Hi, my name is Matthew J. Luxich. With over 25 years of experience, I have worked as an art director, commercial illustrator and designer for a wide range of clients. I am familiar with and can design and illustrate for both multimedia and print, and can take a project from concept to completion. In the past I have designed for pharmaceutical, healthcare, commercial, licensed sports apparel and most recently, financial.
I have worked with numerous clients including Mitchell & Ness, Bank of America, Fanatics, Pep Boys Auto, and on multiple brands including NASCAR, NFL, Monty Python Pictures, AFLAC, NHL, Hasbro, MLB and the NCAA.
Recently, I have built an ecommerce site, bellyfloprhino.com that offers a wide range of illustrated items (pins, stickers, apparel) that caters to the the fan of pop culture. Right now, in it’s infancy, it is artwork I created but in the coming months/year I plan on establishing new relationships and start producing other artists work for sale.
Off-hours I am a husband, stepdad, pet(s) owner, Philadelphia Eagles fan, vintage arcade refurbisher, toy hoarder, comic collector, horror nerd, movie fiend and all around pop culture junkie residing a couple miles off the
AC Expressway in south New Jersey.
I am also a commercial illustrator. You can view my work at mattcandraw.com
Digital Art Director onsite at Bank of America  
Tamman, Inc. - Wilmington DE  •  March 2016 - September 2020
Continuing my career at Bank of America through a vendor, I have been developing responsive designs of new micro-sites, product landing pages and onsite advertisements while implementing and altering certain practices
to be within current ADA requirements.   
Pitching the ideology of automation on flagship products within ECS Digital by storyboarding a proposed
mechanism that would streamline/conform the design process within the bank’s brand guidelines while
achieving maximum efficiency.     
Establishing relationships with programmers to work together on developing guidelines of elements/styles/
themes that can be used throughout creative moving forward for an overall, more consistent experience
throughout the Bank of America and Merrill websites.
Proposing new methodologies such as streamlined asset libraries, hands on creative workshops over creative reviews and reestablishing client relationships for better targeted products within current work practices to
achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.   

Digital Art Director (contractor)
Bank of America  •  Enterprise Creative Solutions - Wilmington DE  •  January 2012 - March 2016
Creative lead the development of the ECS onsite asset department in its infancy by designing templates,
establishing guidelines and creating numerous ads within the digital space of Bank of America and
Merrill Edge websites.
Close collaboration with the team writers, account executives, creative directors and clients from concept
to implementation.
Cross promotion development on partnerships with Apple, Zelle, NFL, MLB, The Art Institute of Chicago
and Susan G. Koman for Cure.

Apparel Designer and Illustrator (contractor)
Fanatics - Conshohoken PA  •  January 2012 - January 2016
Freelance contractor working on conception, design, illustration and production of custom sport and pop
culture apparel.
Style expansion off of approved master files throughout all league teams on custom sport apparel for the
NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA and Nascar for seasons 2013 through 2016
Nascar racing illustration pitch work focusing on kid’s t shirt apparel themed in the Ed “Big Daddy” Roth -
Don Russ “Odd Rods” style.
Developed creative apparel concepts for Hasbro using features from the iconic games Mousetrap, Twister, Hungry Hungry Hippos and NERF sports.

Senior Art Director (contractor)
MRM Worldwide - Lawrenceville NJ  •  April 2011 - November 2011
Lending a hand on interactive pitches & projects for pharmaceutical, entertainment and educational clients.
Lead design on RAPID3, an unbranded rheumatoid arthritis assessment tool for Bristol-Myers Squibb’s
ORENCIA campaign.
Site design, game & logo development, sprite animation, and Illustration for LUNESTA’s followthewings
micro site and Facebook presence.
Concepts and development of a social game application for IHOP restaurants.  

Senior Designer
KidsHealth/The Nemours Foundation - Wilmington DE  •  May 2007 - February 2011
Provided creative lead and design implementation across a range of media, from simple web graphics to
original properties to storyboarding animation and videos to full production of high-run press materials and
promotions. Coordinated with editors, technical staff, freelance designers and consultants to meet all project
requirements, deadlines and overall approval.
Worked extensively on the UX, functionality and layout on the kidshealth.org proposed redesign.
UX/UI and  redesign of licensee partnership program for its four targeted audiences: Parents, Kids,
Teens, and College.
Defined the style of all new medical illustrations being published on kidshealth.org at the time.
Created medical animation elements and storyboards for KidsHealth video production partnership with the
Get Well Network.
Built the brand, style, layout and design for one of KidsHealth original properties “The Pink Locker Society.”

Designer and Print Production Specialist (contractor)
Aetna Healthcare - Blue Bell, PA  •  January - May 2007  •  February - September 2004  • 
March - August 2003
Utilizing new and existing layouts from agencies, inputting new text and images. Working with directors,
editors, proofreaders and vendors to preflight and completion of each assigned project.
Designed and constructed various versions of the “Freedom of Choice” and Prescription Drug Benefit portfolios. Worked closely on creative for brochures, sales sheets, post cards and regional mailers.​​​​​​​
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