Digital Creative Lead - UX Strategy, Design, Interaction
Working off current corporate guidelines, approved color palettes and lifestyle imagery, I have created hundreds of ads, numerous landing pages and a number of microsites using a combination of custom made illustrations and lifestyle photography. Also worked on ads for Bank of America partnerships with Apple, NFL, MLB, and Susan G. Koman for Cure. 
Below is a bunch of samples to give you an idea of the scope of work i have done in the past years 
UX/UI and design on multi page micro sites for ECS Digital the past couple of years. Above are two examples. To the left is the Bank of America Military benefits site. To the right Bank of America's Business Advantage microsite.  
UX/UI and design on numerous landing pages for Merrill and Bank of America. Above are two examples. Bank of America Student Banking and Merrill Self Directed investing.
Lead design on the initial MAT 4 tile takeover pitch to Merrill Edge. Since the success of the original, I have created numerous versions of this style ad for other clients. Above are four of my favorites.    
Designed partnership creative (from UX to design) for Apple, NFL, MLB, Zelle, TurboTax,  and Susan G. Koman for Cure. Above are my landing page designs for Susan G. Komen and Apple Pay.
Here are two examples of Rich Media expanding mastheads I have created for the Bank of America homepage.
House infographics, layout and design for HELOC landing page. 
If you would like to discuss this, or any other projects on this site contact me directly and let's chat!

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