Digital Creative Lead - UX Strategy, Design, Interaction
​​​​​​​Pitched the ideology of automation on flagship products within ECS Digital by storyboarding a proposed mechanism that would streamline/conform the design process within the bank’s brand guidelines while achieving maximum efficiency.
The idea is to build a plug and play platform system with predetermined guidelines and templates for all of ECS Digital's online assets from targeted ads to microsites. Above is UX examples of the main page were you can select an asset. Then once selected, you can choose from different templates for that asset.
Once the template is chosen (this example, a landing page) It pulls you into a tool where you customize the layout with logos, imagery, copy and different multimedia components. 
You can also, while in the design process see how the page looks in different layout sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile).
If you would like to discuss this, or any other projects on this site contact me directly and let's chat!

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