Digital Creative Lead - Design, Interaction
Website design and development of multiple versions of this site including a Patient, and HCP focusing on Fotivda, a medication used for the treatment of relapsed or refractory advanced renal cell carcinoma.  
Pulled textures, colors and imagery from the approved print campaign to create a balance between stunning visuals and information about the medication. Worked with Creative directors on the print side, UX and development from concept to completion on all versions of this site.

HCP main page desktop and mobile layouts

Where the HCP site focused more on the visual of the elephant and product shots the patient site brought a more human element to it where patients  were more of the focal point with the elephant playing the support role.

Patient main page desktop and mobile layouts

Patient mobile navigation 

As campaign was being developed Aveo wanted a "NOW APROVED" site/landing page to give information on the medication along with a function where a patient could sign up for more information. Working with just the logo and brand guidelines this was the site created.  

"Now Approved" splash page desktop and mobile layouts

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