Digital Art Director/Digital Creative Lead - UX Strategy, Design, Interaction
Designed numerous animated and static banner ad suites for multiple clients over the past few years including Bank of America, Dechra Pharmaceuticals​​​​​​​, Merck Animal Health and Signify Health. Below are a bunch of samples using lifestyle imagery and illustrated graphics.
Bravecto® START AND STAY campaign banner suite

300x250pxl (static layouts)

300x250pxl (animated)

160x600pxl banners (static and animated)

728x90 banner ads (static)

728x90 banner ad (animated)

Sentinel Spectrum chews Banner suite

300x250pxl banner ads (static and animated)

728x90pxl banner ads (static and animated)

Signify Health campaign banner ad suites
Bravecto® TWICE THE DURATION campaign banner suite

300x600 banner ads (static and animated)

970x250 banner ads (static and animated)

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